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Project Me Podcast

with Kelly Pietrangeli

Apr 7, 2021

For many years, Kelly hid behind her keyboard and the limiting belief that she can write much better than she speaks.

Hear what made her crawl deep into her shell to the point she became a recluse, afraid to talk to real-life people about her work and hiding a big piece of who she is. 

Pushed to step outside of her comfort zone and face her fears head on, here's how Kelly finally found her voice - and what opened up for her when she did. 

This episode challenges you to reflect on your voice and how you use it to express yourself. 

Do you use your voice as a force of good? Or are you holding yourself back from speaking your authentic truth? 

Resources mentioned:

Rebecca Dennis of the Breathing Tree

Miisa Mink of Driven Woman

Elliott Kay of Speaker Express

Emma Stroud

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