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Project Me Podcast

with Kelly Pietrangeli

Sep 20, 2022

Welcome to Season 3 of the Project Me Podcast! Kelly shares an actual recording from her Crystal Healing session with Lydia in Ibiza. Listen in to get a flavour for what actually happens in these sessions. Kelly also has a Crystal Consultation to choose some specific stones for various rooms in her new home. Maybe you'll like to get what she got to spice things up in the bedroom...

If you’re crystal curious, this one’s for you!

Remember to open your mind, open your heart and stay curious. 

We all need some space in our lives for the magical and unknown. 

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ABOUT THE HOST: Kelly Pietrangeli is the creator of and author of Project Me: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance. For 10 years she's been helping women to wake up out of auto-pilot living to become the conscious co-creators of their lives.

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