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Project Me Podcast

with Kelly Pietrangeli

Sep 28, 2022

Kelly finally reveals what happened last month when she saw Shanti the Palm Reader in Ibiza. 

She asks the listener some important questions:

Are you aware of the influence others have on your energy field?

Are you feeling a shift in the dynamics in any of your relationships?

What if there didn’t have to be a big dramatic break-up when a relationship ends? What if coming to a peaceful place in your heart and energetically letting them go is what’s needed for both of you?

What can you be doing to strengthen your energy field so you’re able to align clearly with your path? 

ABOUT THE HOST: Kelly Pietrangeli is the creator of and author of Project Me: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance. For 10 years she's been helping women to wake up out of auto-pilot living to become the conscious co-creators of their lives.

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